Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lazy Wednesday

We took it slow today and got a later start than expected, so didn’t get to do all that we wanted on our list.

The fly predators were put out, and hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the numerous flies that have showed up at IBTC Farm. Unfortunately, some were eaten by the birds, but hopefully enough are left to hatch so they can do their work.

Foggy the Rooster seems to have suffered no serious injury after his mishap with the feeder. I have left it on the ground and am keeping an eye out for something to hang it with that won’t cause problems in the future. Maybe an old wire hanger could be bent to hang it up safely and easily. The eggs are still being eaten, though I am out there often to check for them, they are apparently eating them quickly. I ran out of the good food that seemed to help stop the problem, so will pick some more of that up and work on getting them real nesting boxes. I am determined to find a way to stop this without losing Roxie. I am pretty sure she is the only culprit, but she lays my favorite eggs. I just need to figure out how to keep them. (And I refuse to clip her beak, as some online sources have suggested.)

After a trip to the feed store to pick up some grain (I forgot to bring the truck, so we’ll be picking up alfalfa today), we headed back to Healdsburg. Unfortunately, because we left so late, we weren’t able to go to a couple places I’d hoped to see. We settled for a trip to Garrett’s ACE Hardware. I know, a hardware store? But this hardware store advertises that they have rare hens for sale, and I wanted to see a place that would have things like that. The store is in an area of Healdsburg we haven’t explored yet, and we were happy to see a Round Table Pizza across the street. Mental note for future reference. The store is homey and feels like the small town gathering place that it is. They have a beautiful garden area with fountains and benches, gazebos and arches, it was a delight to wander through and get ideas. There weren’t many chickens available, but we were happy to look at the doves, (including some babies), parakeets, cockatiels, and a few interesting looking chickens. We spied another building with a sign over the door that read Country Store, that looked intriguing. Housewares! A wonderful shop filled with kitchen and household items, shelves, soaps, every gadget you can think of, and so fun to wander around. I have often wanted a bagel cutter, because those things are so hard to cut straight and I always worry about cutting myself, and found one there. Becca used it last night and hugged it, saying, “MY bagel cutter! I love it!”

After we reluctantly left the store, we headed down to pick up some ... bagels, of course, then on to Becca’s swimming lessons. She is picking things up so quickly that they moved her to another class last night, and at the end of the lesson, introduced her to her new teacher for Thursday, who teaches a class three levels up from where I enrolled her. According to the class description, this is far too advanced for her, so I’ll have a chat with the instructor before class starts to make sure he understands that she’s a fast study, but really, she only learned how to do the crawl on Tuesday!

I barbecued pineapple sausages for dinner (yum!!) while Becca got into the pool to practice more, and we had the sausages with Cesar salad before watching So You Think You Can Dance and our hometown fella, Guy Fieri, on Minute to Win It. Becca stayed in the pool too long and was shivering and really cold the rest of the evening. It took a while to get her feet warmed up. I’d say that I need to keep an eye on the temperature and make sure she’s out before that happens again, but as miserable as she was, I don’t think Becca will push the temperature again like that.

Looking forward to what Thursday has in store!


  1. can you sell your soap through/to the counry store?

  2. how do i post as someone besides 'anonymous'? i cannot get other choices to work.... ma

  3. I'm not sure - I think you may need to sign up for a google account?

  4. I was going to see if the country store would take my soap, but have a feeling that the consignment would eat away my profits. Will look into it.