Friday, July 9, 2010

I Can't Believe It's Friday Already

Well, no big adventures today, just a small, wonderful, fun day with my girl.

For some reason, Becca got up before I did this morning, and apparently, before the alarm even went off. I snoozed it until it stopped, and she woke me about an hour after. After morning milking, she fell asleep on the couch.

Ivory, one of the bucklings, is cracking me up these days. Quite often, when I go to get the boys out of the barn in the morning, I have already milked Salsa, and that means that there has usually been milk accidentally squirted on the leg of my jeans. Ivory always sniffs that, and has started butting my rear-end, as if he thinks that just because it’s an ample, soft area, there’s gotta be milk in there. It’s become his routine now every time I put their leashes on, to nuzzle and bump my butt. I keep telling him, just because it’s BIG doesn’t mean there’s milk in it! This morning, when I leaned over to put Ebony's leash on, Ivory decided to try bumping my boob to see if there was anything there for him. Ahem. No.

There was a lot of activity on the ranch this morning. The landlords came down with the glass man to replace the two broken doors in the studio next door, and filled me in on the status of the hunters at that time. So far they had bagged two wild pigs and were cutting up trees that had fallen over the trails at the far end of the property. No coyote sightings, though I did hear the fox last night. THAT was an eerie call.

We went to the game store late in the morning, to see if they had a used DsiXL that Becca might be able to buy with her saved allowance. They did have one, but the price was ridiculous and over her reach. She was disappointed, but overall took it in stride and will keep saving. Then a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up some pipe for under the kitchen sink.

Pipe for under the kitchen sink, you might ask? Didn’t you just unclog said sink? Why do you need pipe? Apparently I was rather heavy-handed with the unclogging, and broke the pipe at the top where it meets the sink. I had to put a bucket under there to catch spillage until I got the new piece to replace it. One good thing about being a woman wandering around Home Depot looking lost? Men help you. Customers, even, when associates aren’t about, even if you don’t ask. Home Depot employees are also always happy to help hapless me with a little cutting job. I needed the plastic pipe cut to the same size as the old that I’d brought with me, and didn’t want to scrounge around at home looking for my hacksaw. “Happy to oblige, ma’am.” We got home, and it was a five-minute job to put that sucker on, and I did it right! Yay me! Watertight, baby.

I unpacked some boxes in the laundry room while Becca spent more time in the pool. After an early dinner, so that she didn’t eat just before her lesson tonight, we headed to town for her first private swimming lesson.

When Becca asked me last night how long the lesson would be, and I told her 25 minutes, she was unhappy that it was “so short.” I explained that she would be swimming that whole time, and it would be much different than the 10 minutes max she got to swim during the group lesson. After tonight, she really understood what I meant! That girl was POOPED. And beaming. Kelson is a great teacher for her, and she swam 3/4 of the way across the pool “to the deep end, Mommy!” At one point, I looked over and she was staring off in the distance while Kelson was next to her, and I wondered what they were doing, because there was no interaction. Then I noticed that she was treading water! She later told me she was focusing on something so she could concentrate, and he was timing her. He asked her to do it for 15 seconds, longer if she wanted to, and she did it for 25 seconds.

We headed down to Windsor to bring Jessica her cat carrier so they can move Savage when they move into their new house this weekend. It was great to see the place looking so spiffy, painted, carpet cleaned, and ready to move in. The new stove looks *awesome*. We helped them move some boxes from Cory’s car, made plans for tomorrow, and headed home.

I had hoped to break in the new ice cream maker tonight, but it’s too late, so we’ll have to see if we can get it started tomorrow afternoon. We plan to go to the farmer’s market in the morning, then check out Memorial Beach at the river, before heading up to Sebastopol to pick up the freezer and take boxes to Jessi and Cory’s place. A full day ahead!

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