Sunday, July 11, 2010

The End of Stay-Cation

It’s a Sunday, so I suppose it’s not technically a vacation day, yet this is the last day of my “vacation” from my regular job. It’s bittersweet. There’s a part of me that looks forward to more routine in my day, but I am really going to miss this time with Becca.

We both slept in this morning, me until an ungodly 8:00 a.m. Salsa is giving so much milk now that I am going to have to go to the bigger bucket. She filled the 2 quart plus bucket this morning, and had plenty more to give. I decided to let her bucklings finish, rather than go inside and get another container. I never thought I would get so attached to goats, but I really enjoy my time with all of them.

Mom is worried still about rattlers, especially since she told me this week that a man was bitten and is in ICU at Kaiser Santa Rosa. I am super cautious when out and make sure there is nothing lurking that might surprise me - or me it. I realized that even when I’m doing morning chores by myself, there is an animal with me most of the time, and I pay attention to what they are doing and looking at. They are all so aware. While I get the grain and alfalfa set up and feed the chickens, our tomcat, Star, follows me every step of the way. He wraps himself around my ankles, and walks in front of me, stopping often so I have to step around or over him. I pay attention to what he’s looking at and where he is going.

After that, I have the goats with me, and boy are they in tune with what’s going on. They are all eyes and ears as they walk to their pens, snorting and stopping if something unusual is about. Usually it’s Star that has them fixated, though they are starting to finally get used to him.

We did things around the house and started laundry to prepare for the work week, until receiving the call from Jessica that they were on their way to the new house in Windsor with their first major load of furniture. Moving day! Even though we moved relatively quickly (for having a 12-year-old who has to “get ready”), they beat us to the house and had already unloaded the trucks and trailer and were waiting for pizza lunch. We shared lunch with the crew and then headed to Sebastopol for another load. Becca and I stopped for gas in Windsor before leaving town, and saw this beauty.

We helped pile more things into truck, trailer and cars. It seemed so strange to see the place so empty. Popeye, their dog, was wandering around, watching everyone, wondering what the heck is going on. Jessica had to catch their cat, Savage, to get her into the carrier for the move over, and she was on edge, as well.

We girls left before the guys and had the cars unloaded and were relaxing a bit when the guys arrived with the big stuff and animals. We got the critters settled and then started unloading. A little time situating things and visiting and relaxing, and then it was time to go. Jessica is highly organized, and knows that she wants things just so, so it didn’t make sense to help unpack boxes. I reluctantly let her take that on, though I think they were going to just get the bedroom and bath essentials unpacked, shower and hit the sack. There is still a little more to pick up from Sebastopol, and some clean-up and repair that we can help with next weekend.

We’ve done chores for the night and I was so excited to see that the chickens actually left these for me!

I have really been struggling to figure out why one of our hens decided to start eating the eggs.  Some days I can catch them before she gets to them, and others I can't.  There's nothing worse that opening the coop in the evening and finding empty shells.  And there's a special feeling of excitement when you open it and are able to reach in and grab two perfect eggs like this from your own chickens.  Roxie will be separated eventually from the others, if she continues this bad habit, but until I can set up another coop, we will do the best we can and try to figure out how to work through it.

Becca got some swimming in after we got home. She was cold, so she has hot chocolate while I write this, and I have a cup of tea. Speaking of cup - still no sign of my favorite coffee mug. I e-mailed the retreat center caretaker next door this morning, and he and his staff will keep an eye out for it. The majority of our driveway is along an easement over the retreat center’s property, and visitors and staff alike often hike in that area. I also let my landlords know, in case they come across it.

Time to fold laundry, hit the showers, and get some sleep before the new week. I’m sad to see stay-cation end, but am happy for the time that we had, and all that we accomplished.


  1. Thank you, again, for sharing. Love, Ma

  2. It's been fun to follow your adventures, Laura. (Cute kitty, by the way!) Such a slice of life, from all the good, like making ice cream and picnicking, to the bad, like rattlesnake threats and lost treasures. That's pretty much life, isn't it? Thanks for summing it up so well for us. And the beauty of it is that the adventures don't stop when the vacation ends!