Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Accidents "Happen," but They Still Suck

A few weeks ago I started seeds indoors in these handy little trays with peat pods.  I planted 140 pods.  I very carefully labeled each row, using the label maker to put stickers on the lids, and hand-writing the names of the plants on wooden stakes to put into the ground when they're transplanted.  I tended them, and eagerly watched them sprout.  I moved some of the faster-growing seedlings to little pots in the sunshine (watching them bend eagerly toward the window) and made sure everyone was doing fine.  I was fascinated by the way some seeds sprouted so quickly (radishes first, of course), and how others take their own sweet time (loofah, where are you?).

This weekend, my dear neighbor, Bette, found a small greenhouse for us to use in our shared garden.  Yesterday I took a look at what it would take to put it together and found it would be really simple, so I forged ahead.  (I'm sorry I didn't let you know so you could play, Bette!)  It's cute!

After school, Becca helped me bring the seedlings and peat pods out to the greenhouse and lay them carefully on the shelves.  I noticed that one of the trays had too much water in it, so I gently lifted it and started pouring the excess out of one corner.

Then it happened.

Suddenly, the tray tilted forward unexpectedly, falling out of my hands.  The wire shelf tumbled, the tray fell, and pods rained onto the ground.  There was nothing we could do but stare for a moment in shock and dismay.

I recognize some of the seedlings that have started, because I've been enjoying watching them grow, but many have no sprouts yet, so Becca and I guessed as best we could about where things had fallen and where they might belong.  I am sure we got some wrong.  Just looking at those carefully prepared labels made a lump grow in my throat.  We will have to set aside a plot for the "mystery box" and see if we can deduce what the plants are as they start to grow.

The good thing is that 70+ seedlings are still labeled correctly!  We will also have a game to play of "Name That Plant" for the next few months. We'll just have to make that fun.

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