Thursday, December 23, 2010

Foggy Thursday Morning

This morning, I clipped leashes to all five goats.  Luna and Moonshine are tethered together, so not only do I have only one lead to hold onto, but they tend to keep each other in line.  When one doesn't want to move, the other is tugging in the right direction; when one decides they want to walk on the wild side, the other will usually hold them back.

Lily likes the deck.  She didn't hesitate to scramble up immediately this morning, before I could take care of the milking does.  This time, she stood in front of the sliding glass door, staring in at what I am sure was Breezy, likely staring back at her, quivering with excitement.

Mooney and Luna were slow enough this morning so that I could pick up their leash before they got into the muddy pen.  I much prefer to take the leads off at the gate, rather than have to wade into the muck and grab gunk covered leads off the ground!

My landlady leaves today for a four-day visit to family for the Christmas holiday.  I volunteered to help care for her critters, so our routines are going to be extended and should prove to be very interesting, possibly very entertaining.  The last time I did this, Mandi was here visiting and helped me the first night we needed to get 10 does and kids into their nighttime enclosure.  They didn't know me very well, and it took an hour of getting most of them in, having them escape and run around the pasture, chasing, slipping, sliding, laughing, and yelling.  I think we have experience and a better plan in place now, so I hope this won't be a huge ordeal.  Mina (Bette calls her MamaLlama), the female llama and the last remaining sheep are also in that area, along with the pony and mini horse.  Looking forward to seeing how this will all work out!

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